About TRG Sucks

Lollipops are part of every kid's experience of growing up. TRG Sucks is a remarkable brand that aims to offer mouth-watering, lip-smacking lollipops in a varied variety of flavors.

A lollipop is also identified as lolly, sucker, pop and sticky pop from the fact that it can be relished through licking and sucking. They come in diverse shapes and the common ones are round but shapes such as heart, triangle, diamond and rectangle can also be found. There are shapes as well of diverse fruits and it could represent TRG Sucks’ lolly’s flavor such as strawberry shape for strawberry flavor and apple shape for apple flavor. In these sweets, flavors and shapes are so speckled you can think of any flavor you want and essentially have it.

TRG Sucks lollipops are now more available in than 100 sorts in virtually every flavor. Besides fruity flavors, they are also available with chewing gum fillings, as mini-lollipops, XXL lollipops and special-edition candies.